Keith Plott is a special friend of mine. I was introduced to Keith while working at Son Sound Studios in Gastonia, NC.  Someone said, "you need to listen to this gentleman sing." Boy was I blessed when I heard the voice that God gave Keith Plott. Keith and I had the opportunity to sing together when I had Mercy's Way Quartet.

Now that I've known Keith for the past 17 years, I realize he has more than just a great talent; he has a heart for God.
I call him the gentle giant.  Keith is such a wonderful guy to be around, I'm sure you're going to enjoy hearing Keith's songs, and I'm sure in your heart before the last song is sung you will understand the one thing Keith has in mind,
Are You Ready?"                         Danny Funderburk, former Tenor of the Cathedral Quartet    

"I think Keith Plott is one of the best vocalist traveling today. I've always loved the richness and quality of his tones, he has a great personality and the feeling he sings with. Combine all that with a guy that knows Who he's singing about, and you get my good friend, Mr Keith Plott"                                                                                                  Eric Bennett, Triumphant Quartet

"I sang with Keith for a few years and I count it a wonderful privilege!!! What an amazing talent he has! He has such an amazing God given ability of delivering a song with an incredible, anointed voice! The things I love most about him is his heart and his love for Christ and seeing souls saved through his music!" Love you big guy!!                
                                                                                            Bill Shivers, Brian Free and Assurance

"Keith's been a great friend of mine for several years. He's one of THE best bass voices in Gospel music! I've always been impressed by the range and clarity of his voice, but more impressed by how humble and down to earth he is. I've watched how people in the audience are drawn in by his sincere approach of ministering through song!"     
                                                                                             Steve Ladd 

"Having known Keith Plott for several years, I have come to believe not only is he a great talent, but a great Christian.  His commitment to his wife as well as his ministry have made an impression on me.  His deep full voice captures you and his humble spirit draws you in.  I have never heard Keith sing when I wasn’t touched by the Spirit of God.  I highly recommend him to you for a concert, revival or camp meeting.  He is the “real deal”!"     
                                                                                                                                        Jeff Whisnant, The Whisnants